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Water. How important is it that you get enough?

Water is an essential element to life, however many of us don't consume adequate amounts to keep us well hydrated. Not consuming enough water daily signals many different reactions in your body.

* Dehydration signals headaches!

* Dehydration signals a darker shade of yellow which can be seen in your urine - telltale sign your dehydrated....look at the color of your pee.

* Dehydration can also lead to a premature wrinkling of the skin and troubled complexion.

* Dehydration can signal hunger in your brain, which can trigger unnecessary eating, which can result in unwanted weight gain.

* Dehydration can also result in fatigue, which sometimes gets misinterpreted as a feeling of being tired, and simply adding water can keep you more alert throughout the day.

* Also, without enough water in your body, you may notice gastro-intestinal issues. Yes, not having enough water can lead to constipation. Ouch!

....The list goes on and on. So how much water is necessary for you?

Research states that having about 1/3 to 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight is recommended for good health. Additionally, the majority of us don't even get close to that. Sure, we may drink other "fluids" to possibly equal that, but that is not the same. Yes, this may depend greatly on the individual, but try to have no less than 1/3 ounce per pound (150 lb person should consume 70-80 fluid ounces of pure water).

If you can't stomach that much or you're just starting off, try adding just a little bit more than you are currently until you reach your daily total. Also, try spacing your intake throughout the day as well. Playing "catch-up" at the end of the day may lead to more frequent bathroom visits in the evening and could disturb sleep. I would suggest starting your day off with a glass of refreshing H2O before even heading off to work, while eating your "sit-down" breakfast. And if you're not eating breakfast, or morning meal,....well that's another post.

So to conclude, try drinking (1) 10-12 oz. glass of water every hour, or fairly frequently throughout the day. Some people I've recommended setting an alarm. And another good rule of thumb is that every time you go to the bathroom you replenish your water lost by heading straight to the water faucet. By doing these steps you'll be well on your way to a more youthful looking, more alert, and skinnier even, but basically and healthier feeling you.


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