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Simplicity is the key to your health and weight-loss success!

Good nutrition is very crucial for our overall health!

** As a general rule: Try to reduce or eliminate completely all added sugars, added fats, and all refined or processed foods from your diet,....your body will thank you in many ways.

** Go grocery shopping only in the peripherals of the store!

----> There's a reason why every grocery store initially starts our journey with the produce section, however it's interesting that this section is generally the quickest area we try to rush through

** Go shopping in a different ethnicity section at your local market!

----> Try exploring a different culture and understand their tastes and cooking styles and methods. Explore your food palate and try some new fresh food recipes!

** Go to a local Farmers-market in your area!

---> These are great escapes to get fresh and most often organic produce, and further your understanding and get to know some of the local farmers and their farming practices


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