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Living a healthful life now days takes some work, awareness, accountability and discipline. And we need to face the facts and start making new habits....Healthy Habits!! We need to be more aware of what we're doing to our bodies. I pursued my profession(s) to not only help myself get better in these areas, but also to inspire and educate other to do the same.


                                                                    If you truly want it and believe in it, you can achieve it!! 

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is something that we all know we need to have, but what does that actually mean? How do you determine whats good and what's not? There is sooooo much information out there it's sometimes very difficult to choose the right choice. 

Unfortunately, all too often we are led to believe that eating meat, eggs, and dairy is the fuel we need to build strong bones, build muscle, and live long healthy lives. Everything from our thoughts and our choices about food is directly marketed to by big industrial companies that spend a lot of money to advertise their unhealthy versions of nutrition. Truth be told; These companies are more driven by making money than they are at looking after OUR health and the sustainability of our planet.


It should be no wonder why my nutrition coaching methods are directed towards a WFPBD (Whole Foods Plant-Based diet) and lifestyle approach. 

Time has proven that the WFPBD approach, stands alone as the only sustainable diet on this earth! It is scientifically proven to help reverse chronic health related issues. It can help people lose weight, and finally keep it off! It's more affordable than we all might think. And it just might add years to your life!


Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness are two terms that I feel encompass our overall well-being in the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realm. 


Using my knowledge and education of more than 10 years as a clinical massage therapist, I will help you understand the root cause of your issues and create a personal program and plan that you can easily implement into your own schedule...which will allow you to address your issues on your own time - when needed. 

Whether you've been dealing with a chronic issue, recently acquired a muscle ache/ soreness, or simply in need of ways to cope and relax after your hectic day. My Health & Wellness Coaching practices and self-care approaches will provide you with the tools necessary to give yourself a personalized healing experience that you can feel immediately!

I will supply you with the tools you need to address your concerns as they arise. It's a ONE and DONE plan!

Fitness Coaching


The word Fitness gets thrown around quite a bit and refers most often to how we look on the outside, and whether we feel fit or "in shape". However being fit can refer to many other aspects of life as well, especially how we feel on the inside.


Wouldn't it be great to look at our insides and really see how fit we truly are? Regardless of whether you're seeking fitness from the outside, or the inside, getting fit is an up hill challenge for many, and staying fit is equally as challenging. Furthermore, losing one's fitness happens way to easily doesn't it? Why is that? How do we manage to get it, keep it, and maintain it!? I have the answer!....A good coach!


Coaching people to get fit, stay fit, and continue to get more fit as we continue to grow is a constant. I heard once that death and taxes were the only constants in life. Well, I believe I thought of another one. You can't just get fit and hope that it stays with you if you never continue to work at keeping it....and that's where I come in! 


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