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's what just a few clients are saying about their experiences!



"I started with Mike several years ago and he has truly taken my training to a new level.  I typically train with him once or twice a week.  Over this period, he has not only been able to craft a routine that had allowed me to meet my exercise goals but has also designed a series of exercises that keeps me interested and engaged. He is not rigid in his instruction but instead is a great listener and observer which allows him to adjust the routine as we workout based on my energy, my stamina and my body. Mike has also been helpful in guidance on nutrition, workout equipment as well as helping with exercise ideas for my son. Overall, his demeanor and desire to help you meet your goals has allowed me to not only enjoy the workouts but also exceed my expectations." - Steve I.


"I have been a client of Mike's for over a two years now and I find him to be very resourceful when helping you achieve your fitness goals. He tailors your workouts to fit you and your fitness needs. You would think with him having a military background, he would be scary and militant, just the opposite... Mike keeps it professional, listens to what you have to say and answered your questions, makes working out fun but challenging and keeps your body guessing as to what's next. I personally like working with Mike because he keeps you motivated when you're ready to give up and he pushes you just enough to see the differences which keep you going in the right direction. If you want a consistent, experienced, professional trainer that works with your needs in mind and has a great personality to boot... Mike H is the trainer for you..." - Selika B.


"Mike is the unique professional that truly takes the time to understand the goals of his clients.  It's not uncommon for Mike to check in between sessions to see if I am meeting my fitness and dietary objectives.  He keeps me honest -- but in a very supportive way.  I've given Mike the ultimate endorsement by referring multiple friends to his practice." - Katherine and JB


"I have been training with Mike for 4 years and truly enjoy our workouts!  I’ve learned a great deal about the importance of healthy nutrition, focused strength training, and the benefits of flexibility, good balance and posture.  He has incorporated a wide spectrum of exercises into our training over the years and has challenged me every step along the way!  Unlike some trainers that may seem intimidating, Mike has a very friendly, yet professional approach which he has customized to achieve my personal strength goals, and has provided focus on elements that I would typically not.  I have become more informed and energetic about my workouts and feel much stronger in body and spirit since working with Mike. His schedule is flexible and very accommodating to my constantly changing commitments.  I highly recommend his talent and skill set toward reaching any physical training goals!" - Leticia K.


"I was recommended to Michael Hagans, over one year ago and have had the pleasure of getting to know Michael both as a physical fitness trainer, as well as a person. As a man approaching 70 years of age, who is a “baby boomer” not ready for the rocking chair, and not identifying with men my age, I was looking for someone who would help me lose weight (I was over 200 pounds), had a potbelly, and I was not eating properly or exercising regularly. I also required a trainer who could work with someone who has never considered himself athletic and who needed some pushing. Fortunately, I found that trainer in Michael Hagans. Today, I have lost over 40 pounds, have lost the potbelly, eat well (without dieting) and exercise regularly. I continue my quest for weight control, caloric understanding and physical fitness in my weekly workouts with Michael. What I find most compelling about Michael’s approach is that every week he puts me through a different regimen working all aspects of my body. Time flies by and boredom is not an issue. Michael has introduced me to many different forms of exercise, from weight training to rowing to floor exercises and much more. Things that I never thought I could do especially at my age, Michael has encouraged me to try and I have been successful at each task. I sometimes wonder if Michael remembers my senior citizen status when sweating through a workout, but indeed Michael knows exactly what he is doing to help me accomplish my goals. Finally, I have never felt like just another client, but rather someone who Michael is truly interested in and truly involved in my fitness goals. There is not a week that goes by that Michael has not checked in with me between sessions to see how I am doing throughout the week. For these reasons, I highly recommend Michael Hagans if you are someone who needs a slight push to physical fitness, who may think you are too old to stay fit and for anyone who is seeking a trainer who is also a partner in sharing and celebrating your fitness goals." - Michael K.

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