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Protein: Not just for bodybuilders!

What is protein?

Protein is one of the Macro-nutrients our bodies must get through our diet. Proteins are made up of amino acids. Our bodies use protein to build and replace tissues in the body. It also helps to maintain our tissues at optimal levels. These body tissues include the organs, the muscles, the cells and the blood. In fact, protein is often called the “building block” of the body. It literally affects every working part in the body and can even be found in just about every aspect of our bodies.

Why it’s important?

When people eat food, the body changes this food to create energy. If we eat too much food the body can sometimes store this excess in our tissues. However, our bodies cannot store excess protein. Therefore, if you go without eating enough protein for several meals, the body will automatically pull what it needs from storage, typically from muscle tissues. In drastic cases the body will catabolize itself to keep the body running optimally, but for long periods of time this can be very detrimental to our health. So, not getting enough protein is certainly a bad thing.

We are all aware of the importance of protein in the diet and studies have shown that those who consume at least 10% of their daily intake of calories from protein every day can often lose weight at a higher rate than those who skimp on their protein intake. This is because the protein helps you feel fuller longer, and it also helps to increase the rate at which fat is used for energy.

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